rToday, Steve, Don, and I hosted the Colburn group from Oklahoma (and John from Arkansas).  All the guys had multiple hookups with plenty of kings landed.  The number of fish in the river has increased markedly from last week with new arrivals joining the darker fish.  Fish are in pools, runs, and on gravel so the fisherman has lots of choices of locations and methods.  A pink egg fly was our best fly with only a few of the fish non-mouth hooked.  Ken and Jim were in my boat and both did great.  Jim, whose previous experience with larger fish was limited to catfish, concluded that kings on a fly rod are a whole different deal.  I was happy that he was enthralled by the entire experience with his exclaiming more than once, “This is really fun!”  Yes, indeed, fun it was.  Tomorrow, all the guys are slated to play golf ala rain suits and umbrellas, only to rejoin us for another great day on the water on Wednesday.  P:ictured are Jim and Ken with a couple of the fish we took today.

Tom Kuieck