Areas down state recieved heavy rain today while we on the Manistee River had a good soaking. Salmon are sure to respond to the added flow. I would not expect the river to go through any major transformation from this rain but we need to see were the rain from Hurricane Ike falls.

Jeff Segard and his two boys Zach and Jordan join me today for their annual boys trip. This year-to-year trip is always about the kids; Jeff knows he will be back soon so the boys do most all of the catching. Its good to see the boys have grown since last year as they needed some of the bigger muscles for the battles. Pictured is Jordan with a very nice 19lbs salmon which he had a bit of trouble lifting; Zach with a 14lbs salmon; and Jeff and company with a 17lbs salmon.

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck