Salmon fishing on the Manistee is improving daily as the fish either are getting used to the sunshine or are just in a better mood. Sticks and streamers are the name of the game now but day-to-day differences in how the fish will react to them seem to make or break your ratios. Yesterday, Elisha and Paul joined me and found the salmon needing to see the presentation many times before they would go on the attack. While today’s trip found Capt. Dave and I needing to keep moving to find player fish. Interestingly even fishing down stream very close to Big Blue finds many seasoned fish amongst the lumber. These salmon whether seasoned or fresh from the lake are plain strong-expect to be schooled! Picture above is Elisha with a beauty and Bill, Charlie, Steve, and Dave below with some of their hero shots.

A big thank you to the Bill Lettinga crew; you always crack me up!! Big congrats to Charlie Booth with his coming wedding- see you on the water!

Capts. Steven Kuieck and David DeVries