Sorry for the long delay between posts! It would seem that with my daily duties on the river and evening ‘finish up” work at the lodge it has left me little time to updater the blog.

Salmon season is gaining momentum on the Manistee with cooler flows than we have seen in a few years. Big angry salmon seem to be the name of the game this year. I have been concentrating my efforts from Matson’s to the lake with plenty of fish to keep you casting. Streamers and sticks are the game plan for now though the numbers of fish headed up stream should start to stack the pools for C&D. If I could put in an order for some cloud cover it would help greatly since the daily bite really winds down after 9am. The bait guys however are finding players until the noon hour or so.

Thanks to Tom Peterson and his son Philip of Denver and Dr. Tom Lambert and his father Tom for joining me Thursday and Friday. Since I forgot to bring my camera I will post the photos of their fish once I receive them.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend; remember to be kind on the water this weekend- everyone deserves to enjoy it!

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck