It has been my concern over the past two days with the Hex hatch finally coming into play here in the “Soo” that the fish would finally start to get full tummies. While I can’t prove it without killing a fish I can only speculate. This morning while passing a moored freighter one could only stare in awe at the enormity of hexagenia duns covering the side of this great ship (vessel was 800ft). To say their were millions would likely be short selling the condition of the ship.

Joining me today on the St. Mary’s River was Doug Kool and his son Rob. Fishing today as alluded to above was tough! Our past days of tremendous success made it only seem more dismal than it actually was! While we certainly did not put up the double digits as in the past few days we were rewarded with a very respectable five Atlantic salmon. Picture is Rob with a beauty from the midday.

Capt. Steven Kuieck