Dr. Vincent Shen and his long time fishing partner John Crow of Virginia joined me for the past two days for some fantastic smallmouth bass fishing on the Muskegon River.

If you put in for a made-to-order day(s) of smallie fishing I’m sure it would be: good sized fish and only eat’n on the surface! Well- ask and you shall receive….good sized smallies on poppers and chuggers and finish it off with a 30lb snapper….pretty good huh! The sample of pictures pretty much speak for themselves-nice fish! The snapper on the other hand leaves abit of explanation; Vince had just made a great cast to pause to sip his Diet Coke only to see a very large snapper lifting from the bottom of the river for air. The snapper surfaced near the end of his line only to head back down to the bottom for dinner with the line and popper tangled in his very long claws and smelly shell. What to do- for what ever reason we seemed challenged by this and fought this beast to the boat. Well………that’s the Hollywood version; actually after a couple of attempts to reach the bottom of the river the snapper headed towards our floating island and I grabbed it by the tail. In hind sight I am not sure that I would have had Vince land the snapper or let alone grab what turned out to be the largest turtle I hope to handle again; the good thing though is it is likely to place me in contention for the company W.T.F. award.

Back to the “Soo” for a week beginning Tuesday.

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck