Joining me on the St. Mary’s yesterday was Al Eavey and his son-in-law Josh. Fishing was very pleasant by standards of late with temperatures in the mid 70’s with a light wind out of the Northwest. The salmon must have needed a beach day since most anglers including ourselves found the fish very tough to come by. Whitefish on the other hand were more plentiful than they have been all year by our and local accounts. Many of the whitefish were in the 15″ size range and for those of you looking for some of the Great Lakes best eats….you know what that means- yummy! Both whitefish and salmon have been on a major caddis bite lately but day-to-day nymphs have been the trick on those hard to please targets. Pictured is Josh with a very well earned Atlantic salmon- his first!

Capt. Steven Kuieck