06/25, 26/08

Great time with a couple of instructional float trips. On Tuesday, I hosted my good friend and colleague Dave from Indiana, and on Wednesday, Charlie and Josh, who were part of a son, father, grandfather float with Steve and me. We started from scratch in teaching how to cast the 300 hundred grain sink tips and later in the evening the floating lines. All of the guys did a great job in learning how to cast, manage line, and get a drag free drift. The small trout cooperated taking Treat or Treat, Zoo Cougar, and Crafty Sculpin streamers, as well as small Stimulators in the afternoon and Grey Drake spinners in the evening. We had a cloud of drakes on Tuesday with a good spinner fall. Wednesday night, in a different location, brought only a few drakes and few Isos. The river continues to drop with clarity improving daily. Despite failing to get a good hook set in a large trout on an Articulated Zoo Cougar on Tuesday, both days were simply the best. Lots of learning and newfound excitement about fly fishing and each guy’s future with our sport.  Pictured are Charlie and Josh with their first dry fly caught trout.