Happy fathers day to all of you dads out there! I have today off and will be spending the day at the pool with my boys- Masen, Zach, and Brycen. The Corona is on ice so it should be a great day! Speaking of good days; last night I took one of my web guys and his dad out for an evening of dry fly fishing. Kevin and his father Tom quickly learned what Saturdays on the river are like with what I can only say was the most drunk tubers I have ever seen! After the tubers had passes out- I mean passed on; the evening quickly turned peaceful and rising fish could be found taking Isonychia, Gray Drakes, and Sulfer spinners. This trip was new experience for Kevin and his dad; with some adjustment in casting style Kevin found success with this very nice brown on a Isonychia. Kevin did have the fish story of the summer while casting to what I had determined was a “very good” fish; Kevin presented the fly exactly as instructed only to have this great brown sip the fly turn and break the 4x tippet clean! This was not due to the hook set just the plain size of the fish…oh well…in the memory bank.

 Tight lines,