Out of respect for the Graham family I did not want to post a fishing report for the past few days so that the info regarding Rick Graham could remain at the top of the page.

Trout fishing on the Muskegon both during the day and evening is day to day good. Morning spinner falls have been pretty short and sweet the last couple times out while the evening have proved to be extremely heavy. All this equates to seemingly selective and very full trout. Sucker spawn is winding down and the Chinook fry are prolific in certain areas. For those of you looking to capitalize in the morning- bugs have been predictably on the water from 9:30am to about 11:15am. Evening fishing has been text book while “too many bugs” has proved to be an enjoyable issue.

Caddis, sulfers, drakes, Iso’s, bwo’s, and cahills all are getting looks from the trout but the bigger players in the group are producing most. 2009 has so far proved to be the year of the well stocked dry fly box; these trout are very finicky for me this year! I have sorted through up to 4 different caddis patterns and sizes before I was able to have my group capitalize; some days it’s hackled caddis other days it’s tape wings. The same story for the mayflies; keep changing and watch your drag!!

Pictured is Dr. James R. Oosting from a morning trip last week.

Capt. Steve Kuieck