Well after 4 days of thunderstorms yielding 4-5inches of rain the river is huge- nearly 7000cfs. Trout fishing will be very good with streamers busted against the bank once the water starts to recede. Nearly 6 years ago the river spiked from rains such as this and once we were able to hit the water spectacular streamer fishing was had for a few days. High dirty flows will shut down the surface activity for the short term. Waters are predicted to be back fish-able in a couple days or so… This gives us the time to book our July and August calendars for smallies, summer steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and streamer chinook; even though the calendar will read the “dog days” of summer there are numerous opporitunities to fly fish in July and August. I will as always be concertrating on the Atlantic salmon and summer run steelhead while Don and Fred pull crayfish patterns and poppers for river smallies. 1/2 day river smallmouth trips remain $250 for 4hrs of fishing; this also makes for great instructional sessions as well.

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck