Nathan’s Birthday

Isonychia are stealing the show and breaking hearts day-to-day near the lodge. Larger trout again are making themselves visible after a week or so of hiatus as they likely processed all the the sucker eggs and fry they had been eating. While the Iso’s have brought them out of hiding, veteran anglers as we witnessed Tuesday evening where left heart-broken from some special fish . Keeping in theme to recent posts, last evening I was joined by father and son combo–Dave and Nathan. Nathan was celebrating his 6th birthday on the river. Prior to last evening Nathan had only caught 2 fish in his short fishing career, but finished the evening with 7 rainbow trout and 3 browns on the fly. While we certainly didn’t land any fish that will find their way to the pages of your favorite magazines–Nathans 10 trout were perfect him and hopefully have him fly fishing for life.

Capt. Steve Kuieck