Certainly was a different day today… I nearly launched my truck in the river with my trailer! As I wasreadying to pull my trailer from the river after launching the boat my transmission on my truck decided it was time to let go and nearly sent me in the drink! Nice…anyway a very nice gentleman and his son pulled my truck and trailer up the hill and got me out of the way. The man had to work abit harder than he should pulling me out much to his surprise; I did not want to tell him out of fear of looking “dumb” that I had forgot to pull the parking brake off!!! What an idiot…this was all quite entertaining for my customers who just needed more ammunition to give me a hard time with. After an unusual start we hit the water and quickly found trout on the surface and it was still only 4pm or so. A few Drakes had taken advantage of the clouds and started to hit the water. This did not last long however and the fish changed over to sulfers and caddis; yes caddis; it would seem that this year the caddis have made a dramatic come back; for how long I do not know but it is certainly good to see! Gray Drakes, March Browns, and Sulfers were the evening menu prior to the rain moving in. Pictured is Bill Sidor with a beautiful long brown taken on a parachute sulfer before the rain.

Tight lines,