Day trip today with Chuck and Ken; what a beautiful day! Prolific evening hatches have the trout fat and happy; even the trout on the caviar train seemed full as they held their ground in the choice feeding lanes behind the red horse. A large morning spinner fall took place today as the water was covered with cripples and spents by 1pm; trout were selectively feeding on the midday snack. Streamers in the small natural variety such as the “war bird” or “trick-or treat” are producing nice trout deep. Sulfurs, drakes, caddis, and a few bwo’s are rounding out the surface feast; look for more heat to bring the Iso’s in a week or so. Fred, Don, and myself have dates available through the end of the month. Evening dry fly fishing is probably the best we have seen in the last few years- hatches are off the hook…almost too many bugs! Give us a call or drop an email!

Tight lines,