The Colburn group of Oklahoma- Sam, Jack, Jim and Tim joined Dave and I for the last two days on the Muskegon River. To say that the weather was superb would be putting it mildly; I was in shorts and sandals before 10am. both days! The river has gone into a huge transition over the last 48 hours; river flows Monday morning were roaring at 5300+ cfs and by days end today were dropping into the low 3000cfs range. For those of you who are not familiar with those numbers it equates to better than a 14inch vertical drop in water! Fishing has been very easy lately though the fish sure new the sun was shining by mid-day today. Antron stone flies have been top producer in my boat for the last couple of days now and that should continue. Sam and Jack spent the last two days with me and they continue year to year making me laugh! Pictured are a few shots from the last couple days.

I have a couple much needed office days ahead of me before I am back to the water Friday- time to work on the trout schedules and button down some paperwork…….

Capts. Steven Kuieck and Dave Devries.