Their are just some things that can’t be learned or for that matter taught in the classroom. Joining me today on river  was my eldest son Masen (almost 7) and his middle brother Zach(5). While Masen had joined me before on the river this was Z’s first trip. We spent the day sight fishing for steelhead, eating candy and hotdogs and giving each other a hard time. Success came a few years earlier for both Masen and Z than it did for me but no matter it was pretty cool!

If you have ever thought about taking a youngster out on the water whether it be a lake, pond or stream it a special place giving them exposure to things that text books just can’t describe. Today we had birds of prey in the air, raccoons on the banks, and herons in the water; all providing for that “wow-look at that” moments of wonder. The out-of-doors  is very dear to me and to share it with my kids is pretty special! Pictured above is Zach on the left and Masen on the right.

Capt. Steven Kuieck