Rain, Rain, Rain! It poured today; the river was already high but after todays rain I would expect a big push of water. The visibility remains clear but that could change….stay tuned. You can watch the flow data via our website under the links category. Bill and Harry got “pruney” today and enjoyed some great fishing. I was not able to take many pictures due to the rain. The bite today was on hexes and green caddis. Waders-be very careful; I would not recommend wading at all for at least a week. Thanks for the great day guy’s!

Tight lines,


Here’s a belated addition to the 5/1/07 post. My name is Tom Kuieck, Steve’s dad, and my two clients were buddies of Bill and Harry. Dr. Joe and Morris real troopers; they hung in there with rain, hail, thunder, and flashes of lighting off in the distance. Raindrops that plopped when they struck the water; bilge pump running continuously—you get the picture. It was one amazing rainfall for about five hours. But outdoorsmen they are and duck hunters both so no sweat. The steelhead cooperated, though the camera fuzzed over after while so Morris’ hen is a bit ghostly. Dr. Joe’s buck, though, came out all right. Just goes to show that when everyone is dressed appropriately and each has a “can do” positive attitude, one can have a great day regardless of Mother Nature’s inclinations.