Today was Guide’s Holiday—a day in which we guides get to fly fish for periods of time longer than our daily casting demos (which some of us have been known to extend unduly!). So, my good friend and colleague Don Graham and I spent the day wearing out our arms with rampaging steelhead. River Quest Charters is blessed with professional guides like Don, who are not only most knowledgeable fishermen and talented teachers, but are men of integrity and good humor—and guys who are passionate about fly fishing. Indicator rods in hand, then, Don and I worked the steelies long and hard and enjoyed some wonderful conversation and laughs throughout the day. We hooked so many steelhead, I honestly cannot recount the number. Although from time to time the steehead would go into a feeding funk, for the most part, they were eager to take the flies. A couple were flat-out nuts! Don and I watched wide-eyed as one male turned and charged my nuke egg with such speed and ferocity that he literally ripped the fly line down river, taking me at least fifty yards into backing before I could gain any semblance of control. Down the river we chased with the boat—a long way until there he lay, spent in the net. What heart these fish can show, even in the face of the rigors they endure to continue their species! Pictured below are a couple of the steelhead Don and I brought to hand. Don is on the left and yours truly on the right