One of the best benefits of fly fishing are the friendships we guides are privileged to make with our clients. Kyle and Jeff both had brought their clients to fly fish in my boat earlier this Spring, so today was their day, as professional colleagues and friends, to kick back, relax, and enjoy the Muskegon. And enjoy they did: all the way from whacking some buster brown-sized round lips to bending the rods repeatedly with chromers and their darker ardent suitors. Whether it was Jeff’s relating the tale of Kyle’s first time turkey hunt (during which, I kid you not, Kyle somehow ended up on his back, discharging his weapon into the air, while the unscathed Tom flapped his wings, looked around, and totally confused, wondered, “What the heck is going on?”) to Kyle and Jeff’s banging goldens with green caddis, the day was a total blast—lots of laughs, hens still turning gravel, and cooperative steelhead throughout the day. Once again, small stone flies, pale eggs, mini-leeches, and Steelhead Buggers did the trick. Kyle and Jeff, you guys are simply great fun and wonderful companions on the water. Thanks for one most enjoyable day that passed all too quickly. Pictured left to right are Kyle and Jeff.