Opening day/weekend for trout is now behind us and so should the crowds! Actually the crowds this weekend were not as bad as in past years but still very busy this weekend. Why trout opener on the Muskegon is a big deal still remains a mystery to me- you can fish year-round.

Curtis Marsh, Gary Sarles and son Austin joined Dave and I for some great steelhead fishing this weekend. Every year as they depart Texas for their annual spring trip their anticipation runs high and this year was not to disappoint. Steelhead were very cooperative- green caddis, stones, and nuke eggs all produced fish. Pictured is an array of fish from the weekend.

Tight lines,


Steve must get home faster than I do – Surprise.  At least I only have to add to a post, not write the whole thing. We did enjoy fishing this weekend. I have to give them Texans props for sticking out the cooler weather for both days, especially Austin. Way to gut it out. Gary did land fish but chose to give the spotlight to his son. Below are a couple of Austins fish  from the weekend. Check back soon – Fred took some nice shots of Austin fighting a fish for us – He will get them on here when we let him off the river long enough to get to his computer. Thanks Fred