Tom, Fred, and myself had the pleasure of sharing the water with the crew from Rockford Construction. These gentleman were able to spend what looks to be the final nice day of weather for while on the river. The fish “gods” seemed to be smiling on us today as we were all able to locate in prime spots and have numerous battles with some great fish. Water temperatures have soared to the low 50’s giving the chrome a bunch of speed and energy. As long as you are in a prime location just about everything is working in the fly department. Thanks for the fun day!

Hey Mr. Bailey…..how was the meeting today…………………….? 🙂


Pictured is the crew with a few of their hero shots.

Tight lines,

Steve, Fred, and Tom


Steve’s summary of the day is right on, and Dave’s 4/24/08 post is an excellent reminder of why we fly fish and love our rivers and sport in the first place. As one of my pastors, Dr. Lou Lotz, once told me, it all comes down to the three “P’s”: Peace, Pace, Perspective. Dave’s take captures that very balance in life and sport—the three “P’s”—that we all would do well to seek with vocation, avocation, family, and faith.

I had Dan and Tom in my boat today, and like Dave we set out exploring some of our less frequented, but nonetheless, favorite haunts on the Mighty Mo. With some guiding love from brother guide, Don Graham, we were rewarded handsomely with Tom conducting a hook-up clinic, much to the chagrin of Dan, who as an experienced fly fisherman and steelhead addict, had yet failed to connect with chrome this year. Fortunately, for his emotional state, it didn’t take long for Dan to join in the action, resulting, by day’s end, in his besting his previous best day on steelhead. Some days, it simply all just comes together—great guys, killer weather, and willing steelhead. Pictured left to right are Tom and Dan. The fish today were exceptionally well conditioned and sized, and the male that Tom took was one of the most striking looking males I’ve seen this year. What a steelhead! Thanks guys for a day I’ll long remember.