The Kamin Group joined myself and Dave the last couple days; the guys ability to put up numbers continued again this year. Water conditions remain the same very high and dirty (see the water color in the pictures). During the past two days the morning bite has been the strongest though the water conditions should make the entire days fishing very productive. Today I had my first double digit landing day of the year. The guys put ten beautiful fish to net by 11 am and then the bite shut off for us. Egg sucking leeches produced more fish today than any other pattern. Walleye continue to be very plentiful. Rain is rumored to be in the 72 hour forecast so I do not think the high water is going to change any time soon? If you know where to find the fish you will do very well! Picture are a sampling of the guys from the past two days.

Tight lines,


Michael, Arnold and I decided to concentrate on dark water and the deeper runs today. We did not put up the numbers of Steve’s boat, but we did managed to land some of the nicest, hardest hitting & fighting fish so far this season. While we also had the most action prior to lunch time, we did manage to hook up three more times in the afternoon. To my surprise, as I was expecting action on larger dark flies, all of our action came as a result of Steelhead orange nuke egg patterns. Below is a sampling of the quality of the fish we brought to hand today.