What better gift for a dad to give his graduating senior son than a fly fishing float trip, especially when said son is knocking down a heavy load of Advanced Placement courses, atmospheric ACT scores, and, oh, by the way, plans to go into medicine!  Hey, make it even better—spend an overnight at the Muskegon River Lodge together and have guide Tom pick you up at the foot of the stairs at the waters edge and have at it!  And, Dirk’s day it was:  double digit hookups for dad Dan and Dirk, but Dirk put on a numbers clinic for good ole’ dad.  What a joy to host these guys!  Steelhead Buggers, caddis pupa, and stone flies were the morsels of choice.  Congrats, Dirk!  I’m sure that my happiness with your performance was only exceeded by your dad’s!

Captain Tom Kuieck