Steve Neinhuis of Holland and Jeff Shriner of Wisconsin joined me today for yet another blustery day on the Muskegon River. Whether it was the passing low pressure system, fast dropping water, or just temperamental fish we were handed a plate of humility today. Fishing has been relatively easy lately with player fish falling on early casts to a given area. Today the fish were very “off”; while we were able to eventually capitalize from nearly every place we fished we were forced to beat the water. Small egg patterns, stone flies and caddis worked fish from the gravel and runs. Water temperature is holding steady at 43 degrees and the fish are very motivated to head to gravel. With warm temperatures later this week and falling water levels the fish should feel most comfortable shallow during low light periods leaving the dark water very productive during fishing hours. With the river flows extremely manageable now floating fly lines will be top choice. Pictured is Jeff with an outstanding hen from today!

Capt. Steven Kuieck