Ah, yes, another father/son float trip for steelhead! Jeff and his dad came to us from Indiana. It was dad’s first time fly fishing and pursuing steelhead. The speed and power of the fish surprised him with the largest steelhead he hooked, bolting down the river, leading him to “help out the drag” by palming the reel. “El-Snap-O” went the tippet, and there he stood with a big “Oops!” on his face. No reason to hang your head, dad: the first few times we all hooked large steelhead, we, too, either clamped down on the single action fly reel or wanted to in the worst way. No matter: father and son had a great day together. The fish cooperated and while we were hookset challeged on a few, both put steelhead in the boat. Pictured is Jeff with a mouth-hooked male steelhead that was memorable and worthy of a photo since it leaped clear of the river five times. Not the largest steelhead we hooked today, but certainly the one with the most energy. Best flies today were smaller egg patterns, the flashback stone, and chartruese caddis. Thought, too, I would share a photo of Jeff and his dad over lunch. Two fine men who made this beautiful sunny day all the better.