What a fun day this was! My former student and good friend Doug brought his ninth grade son Matt, and though Matt had taken steelhead in the past in my boat, he really rocked today. Despite the fact, that he repeatedly took breaks just to watch and chat with his Dad, he hooked and landed numerous fish. Doug, for his part, did well, too, and, in general, had a great time with his son. The picture of Matt kneeling in the river is of his last fish of the day, which was such a special looking 10-12 pound male, that I took him to shore for a special photo. As you can see, Matt got into position, holding the buck perfectly. Dad took this offhand shot while I postioned myself to get that perfect picture. As some of you are undoubtedly surmising, the steelhead had other ideas: one powerful twisting thrust of the tail, and he shot back into the pool. Disappointed as we were not to get the special photograph, nothing can take away Matt’s landing the steelhead, which he literally we could not move until I pushed it out of the pool with the boat. Congratulations, Matt! Happy for you and your Dad. Thanks, Doug, for a great day.