Must be the weather gods decided to give us some love after some of the wild weather we had early in the month. Temps in the mid 70’s, sunshine, clearing water, and cooperative steelhead made for a great day with Kyle and his guests Jeff and Russ. These men are business colleagues and friends, and each brought some excellent casting and line management along with them. Small nuke eggs, stone flies, and the “Sparrow” turned the trick today. Highlight of the day was the superbly conditioned and colored large male that Kyle fought and brought to the net, only to have the lowest of lowlights effected by guide Tom who took a premature shot at the fish with the net, only to snap it off!  In short, a real bonehead move by yours truly. Kyle was most gracious, though, and gentleman that he is, he insisted that I not give it another thought (an admonition which here I have already failed to follow!). The curiosity of the day (and reminder to take out all that we humans bring to the river) was a brown trout with a metal ring or band or some sort encircling its entire midsection. The band was cutting the fish’s skin, which you may be able to see on the photo (I cut the band off before taking the picture, which in retrospect, pretty much shoots the curiosity factor all to smithereens!) Nonetheless, the fish swam away, now free to grow larger.

Thanks Kyle, Russ, and Jeff. Fun day with you all! Pictured left to right are Kyle, Russ, Jeff, and, of course, the brown trout.