Awesome day with Jeff and friend and colleague, Mike! An experienced fly fisherman who has fished with some of Michigan’s best known guides, Mike’s steelhead background is largely with streamers and 250+ sink tip lines, which he explained don’t get along well with the tendonitis he sometimes encounters in his casting hand. He found, though, that despite hooking and fighting a good number of steelhead today, that deep nymphing or, as it is either deriseively or affectionately known, our beloved C & D method didn’t bother his casting hand at all. It was his first experience with the method, and he caught on very quickly, which, of course, helped make the day most enjoyable for him, Jeff, and guide Tom. For his part, Jeff was a veritable fish vacuum today—our best day of the 08 season—numerous hookups and steelhead brought to hand. Top flies were: chartreuse and Oregon cheese nuke egg, the Headbanger Hex in orange, neon stone flies, and Steelhead Buggers. In short, this was one of those days one looks back upon with a “It doesn’t get any better than this!” and a great big smile. Left to right are Mike and Jeff with some of the steelhead they boated today.  Thanks guys for one spectacular day!