Sunshine and another father/son outing—the best—only this time doubly so with a son-in-law joining us for good measure.  Dad Tom and son-in-law, Jay, brought son Matt along for his first steelhead trip.   Although he didn’t put one in the boat, by every measure—casting, line management, and developing that all important touch—he’s well on his way to becoming a steelhead fisherman and true believer.  As for the experienced guys, Dad Tom and son-in-law Jay, each put steelhead in the boat with our best flies today, the chartreuse and Oregon cheese nuke egg once again, the flashback stone fly, and the Headbanger Hex in orange.   Here’s Jay with one of the steelhead—a long, lean eight pounder.  All in all, one of those days that teaches us that fly fishing is more than fly fishing.  Great memories all ’round.  Thanks, Tom, Jay, and Matt for making my day on the water with you so enjoyable.