Looking out my window from my office chair you would think we just rewound the calendar a month or two; 6-12inches of snow are forecasted for yet this afternoon through early morning-Yuck! Oh well-more water for the river. Yesterday I had the pleasure an unplanned day off and took the opporitunity to share the out-of-doors with my son Masen. Having grown up with a dad that always took me along I can not stress the importance of sharing the experiences of the world with your kids or for that matter any young person that you could expose to the out-of-doors.  Masen took the opporitunity gladly and tried his hand at casting and grilling hotdogs in the boat. Sharing the day was not only great for me but it is ensuring the future of our sport.

As for the river; fishing remains challenging with the cold water but fish numbers are very good if you know where to look. Slow deep glides along with winter “gator” water is holding the largest percentage of fish. The first big schools of walleye have now entered the system and can provide you with a bent rod between steelhead. Clown eggs, oregon cheese colored eggs, and light pink eggs have all been very productive. Though the stone fly emergence is gaining steam I still have not seen a big increase in success with using them; should change soon. Spring is coming ….just take a clue from the turkeys!


Tight lines,