Sure has been tough filling the blog with shinny chrome pictures lately! The Muskegon River is slowly falling back to a fish-able level. I have in the past not been intimidated by 5000+ cfs flows during the spring steelhead run but with water temperatures sliding back to around 33 degrees the activity levels of the fish are not what they would be at 38-40 degrees. I have chosen to wait a couple more days (or a 1000cfs drop in flow) before I get the schedule rolling again. The good news for the season is these cold water temperatures are going to allow us to have a very prolonged run with the “peak” landing a week or two later than normal. This means that the month of May this year could be really sweet (May is my favorite anyway!!). I have a short term cancellation that I am looking to fill asap; Next week Monday and Tuesday are now open for me. I would expect the fishing to be very productive with the falling water conditions and the warmer weather moving in for next week. We also have may choice dates available for Captains Don, Fred and Tom; please call or email for availability. Pictured are some graphs from the the USGS and NOAA. The graph from NOAA shows the crest and the fall quite well, however it has been my experience that the river drops significantly faster than this indicates.

Capt. Steven Kuieck