After a great business meeting in Newaygo today we are off to Detroit for the Michigan Fly Fishing Clubs fly fishing show. We will  have our booth and the maestro will be tying. This show is usually a not-to-miss event for those of you wanting to see the latest and greatest in the world of fly fishing. While I was in Newaygo I was able to slip down to the river and get a feel for the conditions for my self since I have not been able to be on the water in the last few days. Conditions are very favorable even down from town with 4 feet of visibility. The water is very chilly but seemingly alive with the possibility of  chrome. Next week kicks off the spring season for me as I will be on the water basically day to day. I do have some opening between now and the end of the month on my personal schedule but the crew has enough flexibility that we can likely service you at your request. Spring is fore-casted to hang around though mid-week with winter returning after that…….hope not? Call me or drop me a note if you are interested in one of my personal openings or to inquire as to the availability for one of the crew.

Capt. Steven Kuieck