With the 2009 Celebration of Fly Tying in the history books I though I would share a few shots from Captain Don Grahams camera. I would also like to thank the Grand River Fly Tyers and Dennis Potter for organizing this wonderful event. As you read in my previous report Captain Fred Vargas was one of today’s featured tyers;Fred spent the day showcasing modern tube fly designs for the steelhead angler. I know Fred will be looking forward to some of you joining him on the water for some stream side education.

Also at the show was Dr. Samuel Lacina a pediatric cardiologist by day and master wood worker by night. Sam owns and operates a company called ‘ Nets That Honor Fish’. While Sam would tell you that his craftsmanship is purely hobby, I can only assume that it is also therapy. Sam’s nets range from art to very functional fishing nets that I can attest help in the landing of memories! For information on Sam’s nets please visit  www.flyfishingnets.net

Another featured fly tyer at the show was Jim Reed; an acquaintance of Don. Jim is a fan of the deer hair and its many functional and artistic uses; here is Jim with a couple of his very functional deerhair bass bugs.

As predicted the river rose quite abit last evening and today hitting the 4440cfs mark. The river slid back to 4240cfs this evening; we’ll have to see if the crest has past and we are now heading back to fish-able levels? If you remember the high water from a couple weeks ago the river fell and then shot way up….so keep your fingures crossed.

Capt. Steven Kuieck