With winter still the primary feature according to the calendar for the next 4-6 weeks it was refreshing to be back on the water with a temperature near 60 degrees. The river level is in check for the time being but that will likely change as soon as the run-off from the  snow pack in the North country reaches the lower watershed.

Captain Don Graham and myself spent the day on the water with very little expectations other than to wet a line and to get you exited about fishing. Fishing today was great with 5 of 6 very nice chrome steelhead posing for their 2009 calendar shots. Medium sized egg patterns in bright colors were key with one fish taking a cream hex pattern. I would look for fishing to be very good once the water stabilizes (if it does indeed rise?). With short term dates available- give us a call if you want to get your steelhead fix.

Capt. Steven Kuieck