Steelhead Are On The Move

Since Max and I purchased RiverQuest, we have been working on a “newer” look for the website and have not had a chance to give a river update in awhile. The “newer” look should launch soon but we wanted to at least get an updated report out.

Spring has sprung on the Muskegon and steelhead are on the move. You wouldn’t know it from the weather, as it seems so far we’ve had a colder than normal start to it. It looks like, from the forecasts, that may change.

We’ve been fishing a couple of the more intimate tributaries of Lake Michigan in February and the first part of March and have now switched over to the Muskegon.

We’ve been bringing a mixed bag of winter holdovers and fresh fish to net. As we move into the next few weeks, not only will more chrome fish start to arrive in the system but so will the numbers.

One other item of note, not much has changed from when we bought it from Steve. The guides are still the same. The only thing that’s really changed, for some of you, are the new faces of Max and I.