Muskegon River Spey Fishing and Instruction

The Muskegon River with its broad size, classic steelhead runs, and pools lends itself perfectly for the two-handed rod. Commonly referred to as Spey fishing, this two-handed fly fishing technique singularly rekindled my fire for fly fishing more than 10 years ago. Sure, a fly can easily be swung off a single-hand rod, but not nearly with as much ease and efficiency. While most commonly used for steelhead and Atlantic Salmon, the boundaries of two-handed fishing have been erased by the development of rods and lines for trout and bass giving fly fisherman access to the sport year-around.

Our passion for the the sport of two-handed fishing grows by the day and consider it our privilege to not only guide our fly fishing guests using these techniques but also importantly teach the methods and techniques associated with two-handed fall, winter, and spring steelhead fishing, Trout Spey, and summer smallmouth bass.

Two-handed fly fishing is more than just a technique–it’s a passion that we look forward to sharing with you. To book a guide trip or to schedule some instructional time simply call 616-293-0501 or email me at

Capt. Steven Kuieck