Hoosier Kaden spent three days with his dad and friends in the McKay group with us fly fishing the Muskegon River for steelhead and Chinook salmon. Kaden learned the cast and line management quickly and was almost immediately rewarded by a steelhead that blew down river so fast that Kaden was well into his backing before the steelhead busted off. He then hooked a couple of salmon that also escaped. The next day, though, he brought a gorgeous 22″ brown trout to net, much to the envy of us all.

Back at it today, Kaden kept casting and casting and casting some more until the hen Chinook he poses found its way into the net after a lengthy fight. Needless to say, Kaden and his Dad were thrilled that Kaden’s persistence paid off big time. In short, happy son, dad, and guide—all this right at day’s end.

So, great job, Kaden! You should be proud of yourself and your determination to stick to it until you succeeded in your quest to land a Chinook salmon during your fly fishing adventure on Michigan’s Muskegon River.

Captain Tom Kuieck