Memorable to the Max!

After trying to prompt fall steelhead to play all morning long to no avail, Dr. Greg, Nate, and I relaxed over a shore lunch, after which we decided to give the chinook salmon a shot for the afternoon. The result was Dr. Greg’s running a nearly nonstop fish landing clinic, as Nate, the host of the two day, four boat gathering of guys at the Muskegon River Lodge, patiently waited for good fortune to come his way. And, indeed, that it did with a fresh hen tearing us up and causing all sorts of mayhem in and out of the boat, including my losing my salmon net overboard! No harm; no foul, though; we finally managed to beach and tail Nate’s salmon and snap a pic that surely will be shown time and again replete with an animated narration detailing all the craziness she caused!  In all, today was just a totally delightful, memorable day with Dr. Greg and Nate! Thanks much, guys!

Captain Tom Kuieck