March News


Whether it looks like spring where you live or Michigan winter-like, spring is inching closer everyday. We no longer go to work and return home in the dark. Even on the chilliest days, the strength of the sun melts roofs and parking lots. Spring is beginning to arrive. 

Steelhead numbers have noticeably increased—surely much appreciated after a long, tough fall and early winter on Muskegon River. Little black stone flies and soon-to-hatch chinook salmon fry are all that are left to convince us that spring will have truly arrived. 

The 2019 spring steelhead fishery could prove excellent this year.  As we’ve noted, the 2018 fall steelhead run started strong and then, turned south.  Historically, in the relatively rare instances when we’ve experienced this phenomenon, the spring run is strong. Couple with that the fact that over the last two months, we’ve endured bitterly cold weather marked by heavy snowfalls and high winds, which resulted in very few days suitable for fishing the Muskegon River. All of which likely means a bunch of steelhead are coursing the Muskegon that otherwise would have been pursued, if not landed.

The North Country continues buried with snow, but eventually substantial Muskegon River flows will be the spring normal. Until then, soft-water edges and my favorite two-hander are my go-to game plan. As flows increase, deep-water nymphing with single-handed rods will be the fly fishing method of choice.

Need to get on the schedule? No problem; with five house guides, we are sure to accommodate. Multi-day trips are available, too, with lodging at the Muskegon River Lodge or nearby, if the Lodge is booked. Don’t delay; reserve your trip soon before spring passes by. Give Steve a call at (616) 293-0501 or email. No obligation—just up to the minute information about how RiverQuest Charters could give you a great day of fly fishing.

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