Just about Perfect!

Just about the most perfect day on the Muskegon River one could possibly ask for: sunshine that had us shucking layers all day; river flow that abated during the day; just a whisper now and then of a breeze; and willing steelhead that kept brothers Jeff and John busy throughout the day.  After having endured a spring steelhead season that all too often was characterized by high winds, high river flows, rain, snow, and persistently lower than normal temperatures that made steelheading challenging to say the least, it was so, so good to be into fish all day with Chamber of Commerce atmospherics. Topping it off was all manner of swapping tales and thoughts about fishing and chasing whitetails. Both Jeff and John manage their hunting properties for trophy bucks and also work with the forestry division of the DNR to ensure that their woodlots are managed in the best interest of wildlife and the ecology of the woods. In short, just a great, great day with Jeff and John! Thanks, guys, and here Jeff poses a double striped buck.

Captain Tom Kuieck