“How about Some Michigan Weather?”


What a day on Michigan’s Muskegon River today: gorgeous sunrise; then clouds; then sleet and hail; then lightning and thunder; then heavy rain; then bright sun; then rain; then sleet; then lighting and thunder; and finally, at day’s end: bright sun! Whew!

But, of course, the Chinook salmon loved it all. Following the bouts of nasty atmospherics, the river came alive with salmon that earlier in the day, were less in evidence. So glad, Steve and Andy were able to experience it all! After we gave the steelhead an hour or so at the start of the day, but after none chose to play, we turned our attention to the salmon. Lots of hook ups, some fish landed, and sore arms all around marked the guys’ fishing when we weren’t taking cover from the lighting, sleet, and heavy rain.

All in all, today was  a day when Michigan’s proverbial changeable weather reaffirmed its well deserved reputation!

Captain Tom Kuieck