Fall Color; Fall Chinook

The operational definition of a gracious host surely must be one who’s seeks the best for his or her guest, and especially so, when that guest is a long time fishing buddy. So, today, Paul, with the help of Chinook salmon that snubbed his flies in favor of his pal Steve’s, exuded happiness that Steve proved the main event of the day with multiple hookups that soaked up at least an hour and a half or more of his fighting salmon while Paul cheered him on.

The salmon run continues to build on the Muskegon River, and Mother Nature is dressed in her finery big time as well. In short, a terrific time with two great guys and hat’s off to Paul for his cheering his friend on all day long.

Here Steve poses a buck that he worked extremely hard for 40 minutes at least, complicated by the fact that his erstwhile guide gave him the one right hand reel rig he had in the boat, only for him to realize after Steve had landed the fish, that said guide had rigged the rod, a seven weight, for steelhead! So, a seven weight fly rod, a #10 PM Stone fly, and one skillful fisherman put what proved a buster king in the net.

In short, a most memorable day, guys! Thanks much! Loved it!

Captain Tom Kuieck