A sense of “normal” probably bests describes my day today. Joining me today was long-time guest and friend Dr. Chad Afman and his father Judd. It was felt great to catch up with friends and even shake hands. Honestly if there is anything that this pandemic has shown us, its the value of relationships.

Fishing wasn’t gang busters today, but we certainly had our shots. Both Judd and Chad managed to land a couple of very respectable rainbows.

The Muskegon River remains high, but I expect it to begin to quickly drop as there isn’t much rain forecasted in the immediate future. Drakes, Sulphers, Caddis, and even some Bwo’s are creating dry fly opportunities. I would expect to see some Isonychia next week if not sooner. Wet fly fishing should improve as the water drops too. Streamers continue to be productive in higher flows.

Pictured above is Judd with a great Muskegon River Bow this morning.

Capt. Steven Kuieck