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“Peace, Pace, Perspective”

“Peace, Pace, Perspective”

Some years ago, I happened to notice on former Pastor Lou Lotz’s appointment book three capital letters jotted into each days entry: PPP. Dr. Lotz explained that each morning, he made it a habit to jot down PPP—a reminder to himself to work that day with a sense of perspective, with a reasonable pace, only then at the end of the day to enjoy a sense of peace. Great advice to us all.

Today, long time customer Jeff and his North Carolina friend and work colleague, Mark, joined me for day fly fishing the Muskegon River for Chinook salmon.  More fish in the river today with increased flow resulted in hookups throughout what was a gorgeous day on the river.  Here’s the point, though:  both guys made it clear at the start of the day that their goal wasn’t to rack up big numbers of fish boated or bring to hand the biggest salmon.  “We want to kick back, soak up the beauty of the river,  hook some fish, and enjoy whatever happens,” was the gist of their goals for the day.  Beautiful!  Thoughts like these are music to guides’ ears because a day of fly fishing is so much more than “most and biggest.”  It was the perfect “perspective,” delivered at a relaxed “pace,” resulting in a contented sense of “peace” at the end of the day.  The fish? Hookups through the day, and some brought to hand.  Jeff holds his 20 lb. fresh run buck; Mark shows his newly run hen; and the MO flashes her morning finery.

Captain Tom Kuieck

Jeff Green's 20 lb Buck

Mark's 10:9:14 Hen

Tom Kuieck
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