A Trip Well Worth It!

All the way from Northville, Michigan, high school senior Nate brought this pretty early run steelhead to hand. After  losing another steelhead just as I was about to net it, needless to say, Nate, Dad Matt, and I were totally pumped to put this one in the boat!

This is the first steelhead Nate has caught in his young life, and this one, on the fly rod, will be one he will long remember. Fall steelhead are making their appearances on the Muskegon River in increasing numbers. Chinook salmon are into their annual spawning, so along with resident brown and rainbow trout, opportunities  for fly fishing success are real.

And there’s more: Mother Nature is bathing the river valley with fall finery. Here, my good friend Sorin Spey casts for steelhead in the early morning sunrise.

Congratulations, Nate, on this your first of what I hope will be many more steelhead in your future.

Captain Tom Kuieck