Each year, for more years than I can remember, the McKay group has fly fished with us RiverQuest Charters guides. The guys love our fishery and have amassed memories upon memories of fish brought to hand and lost, along with any number great times experienced with one another.

So, for the last three days, the six guys, including the 11th grade son of one of the men, fished the Muskegon for Chinook salmon knowing that all the while, an early fall run steelhead might take a shine to their offerings or likewise, a resident trout or two.

Abnormally warm river temperatures have delayed the 2021 salmon run, but fortunately, the river began to fish better with each passing day of the guys’ stay. So, to the delight of all, salmon were hooked, lost, and landed, Today, too, David was blessed with the gorgeous resident brown trout that he poses here.

All in all, our time together proved to be great fun and most enjoyable. Thanks from us at RiverQuest, guys! Hope your tradition of meeting on the Muskegon River with us continues for years to come.

Captain Tom Kuieck