The Graham Family

Over the past few weeks and months we have had the joy of sharing with you the good times we have had on the water and the exciting news of launching our new lodge. We appreciate you all following our adventures and feel you have all become more to us than clients, you have all become good friends.

As friends we would like to share some news with you and ask that you take some time to say a prayer for Don Graham and his family. Don’s son Rick has been dealing with some very severe health issues over the past few years, and for the past few months has been relying on a heart pump to assist his failing heart while he awaits a transplant. On Sunday evening I got a call from Don, who was just finishing up roasting hot dogs with his grandchildren, Rick’s children, before putting them to bed. He informed me that Rick was on his way to the U of M Hosptial in Ann Arbor with some complications. Early this morning we received another call from Don saying that Rick had called and asked that his children be brought down to Ann Arbor. At this point that is all we know, and not knowing is always the hardest part of waiting.

Please pray with us for Don, and his family as they too wait and pray for Rick.

Dave, Steve, Tom, Fred