Steelhead? Salmon? Take Your Pick!

Great time with the Poggi group today on the Muskegon River as Captain Don Graham and I had the pleasure of guiding Brad, Taggart, Ben, and Matt.  Steelhead are making their presence known in increasing numbers, and today, two of them took our offerings. Ben’s was bye-bye after one water clearing leap, but Taggart’s stayed connected to the fly enabling Taggart to pose it below in Captain Don’s boat.

Not to be diminished in any way, the fresh run salmon Matt and Ben hold were bright and powerful with one of Matt’s contests lasting at least 40 minutes before into the net she went. The day ended with Ben boating one last hen with mere minutes to go before it was time to pull lines. In short, it was a most memorable day with four great guys on one of America’s great cold water rivers.

Captain Tom Kuieck

Matt’s 22lb. hen
Ben’s last one for the day