Soggy but Tons of Fun!

The heavens opened repeatedly on Muskegon River valley today as I guided two dear friends and former educational colleagues, Tom and Dave. Tom recently retired as superintendent of the Jenison Public Schools, located in the Jenison suburb of Grand Rapids, and Dave preceded Tom in that very same superintendency position. So, as one might imagine, the day was filled with tales of days gone by and a ton of laughs.

We knew the day was going to be a wet, and, indeed, that it proved to be. As a result, the river bumped up a bit and became increasingly off color the farther downstream from Newaygo one might choose to fish. As a result, we covered double digit miles, but it paid off with some solid action, despite the 65 degree water temperature, which undoubtedly is delaying a significant number of the Chinook salmon from ascending the river to spawn.

Here Dave poses a resident brown trout along with a salmon, and Tom hefts his buck. All in all, a wonderful day with two great guys and exemplary public servants.

Captain Tom Kuieck