So Good!

Longtime customers and friends, Pat and Terry, and I enjoyed a simply wonderful day on the Muskegon River yesterday. No, the smallmouth weren’t as eager to play as they were the day before when RiverQuest Captain Don Graham joined me in my boat after a much too long hiatus, and yes, Pat’s buster smallmouth, so close to the net, popped off, but man, yesterday was just one of those perfect kinds of fly fishing float trips!

In a full day of casting streamers and poppers, we saw a grand total of one boat late and zip, nada tubers! Oh, and two kayakers. The Muskegon River was ours and ours alone, replete with light air, sunshine, and animated, energizing conversation about fishing and all that matters in life.

For me, both floats were well needed tonic for my absence from the river due to Covid and sundry family responsibilities. Spending the day with the guys reminded me anew of how important our natural resources and friendships are to our well being and overall happiness in life. I’m smiling even as I type this thinking of my having hosted such dear friends on the river whom I like so, so much, all the while watching them lay out line tight to the bank and nailing that impossible spot with either a perfectly executed or flat-out lucky cast. So, so much fun!

So, here are Pat and Terry posing with a couple of  willing, finny friends and Captain Don with his buster from the day before.

Captain Tom Kuieck